Julia Bazan


Accredited Practising Dietitian
BNutDiet(Hons), APD

To say I'm a foodie is an understatement. I grew up in what I consider the foodie capital of Australia: Tasmania. It was the kind of place where fruit came fresh picked from the tree, not in the supermarket. Where fish was caught with a line in the ocean rather than bought and paid for. I had a profound appreciation for food, and a relationship with it that only grew as I got older.

When leaving my island state, I realised just how lucky I was and how quickly our relationship with food can be diminished when surrounded by fad diets, fear-mongering advertisements, health gurus & people telling us that no matter how hard we try - we just aren't doing it right!


Today, as a Dietitian, I see the effect this has on my clients too. It tells them to believe that health is one-size-fits-all, that to be their ideal self they must look different, eat differently and demonise food to be 'healthy'. I currently work in private practice and media to guide individuals back to a positive relationship with food, whilst helping them to understand the 'why' behind the way we eat.

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