Why Nutrition?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I wanted to be a Physiotherapist since I first entered high school (so yeah I may have been slightly neurotic planning my career from age twelve but hey - I’ll come back to this point later). What I realised over the years was that I was incredibly good at following my gut instinct (accompanied by a good amount of logic and research of course), and that it usually led me in the right direction. It led me to a place where I felt sure of myself, not in the “I’m ready to take on anything” kind of way but the kind where you find that amazing level of calm. So when it came to midway through year twelve after I had meticulously planned every class that would get me towards my dreams, I completed work experience within Physiotherapy. This is when my gut said it isn’t for me, so I sought out something that was.

Now I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. Ever since my mother taught me to bake somewhere around age four it’s been a huge part of my life. Back then I was making a mess, reaching the bench and stovetop with a stool in the kitchen. The stool is still there - and more often than not the mess is too - but now muffins have progressed to meals and treats I make for my loved ones. It’s one of the things that truly makes me happy, which is why when I found out that I could make a career out of it which also incorporated health and science, it felt right for me.

So present day me has just completed a four year Bachelor of Nutritional Science and Dietetics with Honours. It turned out that my slightly neurotic personality would be perfect for the job. It’s almost needed. The course was difficult beyond belief. Day after day we were challenged and tested - some days more than others - and together we had more emotional breakdowns than could be counted. After four years though I wouldn’t change it for a thing. For once in my life I fit into my own shoes. I’d never felt so sure, even in the days when I felt like I was failing, my neurotic determination kept me afloat and my sureness in what I was doing kept me trying time and time again.

Why I’m a dietitian goes beyond ‘what felt right’ for me, but I might save that for part two because there far too many reasons why I love food, health and science, and the thing that lets me have all three at once. For now I’ll say that this blog is a place for me to tell you all those reasons and how you might learn to love them too.

Till next time,


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